Garage Doors in Burlington & Mercer Counties New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. My garage door starts to go down part way and comes back up, but if I hold the wall button down it works. What can I do?
A. Check the Photo Eyes / Safety Sensors, and make sure they are clean and free from obstructions (even leaves or cobwebs). Also be sure that they are aligned with each other. The lenses should be facing each other. Some models have small LEDs on them; the lights should be on and not blinking or even flickering slightly. It's okay if the lights are different colors.

Q. How often and with what should my garage door tracks, hinges and joints be lubed?
A. Every 6 months with WD-40. You may also want to have your garage door serviced by a professional at least every 1 or 2 years.

Q. If I have a problem with a garage door or garage door opener that Russell Garage Door Co serviced or installed, is there a warranty?
A. Your receipt is your warranty and is good up to a year, unless otherwise specified. Photo Eye adjustment and regular maintenance mentioned above is not under warranty.

Q. How much is a service call from Russell Garage Door Co?
A. $95 + tax, including labor. Replacement parts are additional. Extra charges may apply for emergency service.

Q. What garage door openers does Russell Garage Door Co install most often?
A. We are a LiftMaster. Dealer. The two most common openers that we install are the LiftMaster 8365 1/2 horsepower chain drive and the LiftMaster 8355 1/2 horsepower belt drive. Both come with a lifetime warranty on the motor, and 1 year on the parts and labor. The main difference between the two is that the belt drive is quieter.

Q. The light on the wall button is flashing and my remote doesn't work. What can I do?
A. Your lock button has been pushed. Push it again for a few seconds and your remote should work.

Q. Are there batteries in my remote and keypad?
A. Yes, all remotes and keypads have batteries, most remotes now have a small watch like battery, and most keypads have 9V rectangular batteries. Check your owner's manual or manufacturer's website for sizes, or take it with you to a hardware store to be sure to get the right one.

Q. How do I program my remote, keypad or home-link in my car?
A. All instructions for LiftMaster & Chamberlain products can be found on their websites: and

Q. What forms of payment does Russell Garage Door Co accept?
A. Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
For answers to any additional questions you may have, contact us today. 609-499-1414